Saturday, December 10, 2005

Introduction to 411 Productions

Empowering Youth with the Media Arts

The 411 Show. 411 Productions, a non-profit organization, was created to give youth an experience in the Media Arts via working on a TV Show. The purpose was to give youth a talkshow venue to discuss topics of interest and a unique experience in the Media Arts. The show was originally airing in San Antonio Texas, USA. However due to changes in progamming, the Public Access Channel in San Antonio is being shut down as of January 1st, 2006 (more on that later). Therefore we are expanding the show to be presented as a video blog.

The show is targeted towards youth, generally from 9 to 2o years old. A variety of topics are covered, generally one topic per show. Each show normally includes one or two hosts and up to two or three guests. The hosts and guests are rotated and include youth from different areas of the city and different schools. The shows also feature young performers showing their talents such as singing, dancing, reading poetry, playing an instrument, etc.

The topics discussed on the show may be light or serious, but generally are of social significance that address society as a whole. Topics we've covered have included; the environment, politics, youth behavior and pop culture.

The show is written and produced by youth with coaching from a mentor. We seek to encourage and educate youth on being able to affect the Media they watch and to counteract the negative media stereotypes that are normally seen on TV and other media outlets portraying youth. We use the production of the show as a hands on teaching tool. We hope to grow this endeavor to include youth from all over the U.S. , and even internationally. Our motto is, "Empowering Youth with the Media Arts".

We will be sharing our work with you by posting some of the shows we have produced. Our hope is that all who see our work will enjoy it, see the value in it and encourage others to get youth involved in influencing and having a voice in the media they watch and listen to.

If you would like more information on our organization, would like to become a sponsor or would like to start a chapter of 411 Productions in your own city please feel free to contact us for information.

Patsy Robles
Executive Producer
411 Productions
411 Show San Antonio USA

To read an article from 2004 about the 411 Show, click on the following link:

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