Monday, December 12, 2005

Internet Outlets for Teens-Part 1 (4 min)

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The 411 Show. This is the 1st show that Morgan, 12 years old did. We recruited him from a City Council meeting in Helotes TX, (just outside San Antonio). There was a big battle in this small town of 4000 over Wal-Mart coming in and ruining their natural scenic landscape (they stopped Wal-Mart). This was his 1st show, so you can see the tension on his face. Also the technical producer got his name wrong and thought his name was Dylan, due to a portion of the show mentioning Dylan. What is interesting about Morgan was that he was not even allowed to watch TV at home, and here he is doing a TV show. He does use the Internet but really did not know much about blogging, which explains some of the looks on his face that say "I really have no idea what your talking about. " He went on to do about 6 more shows with us and developed his own style.

Nadia (16 yrs) had already been doing the show for over 6 months, so she appears much more relaxed in this show.

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