Friday, May 11, 2007

Youth in Immigration Detention Centers

Nadia of the 411 Show interviews youth media activist Abdulai Bah who works in radio/internet media with Peoples Production House in New York. Abdulai talks about his ordeal as a teen refugee from Sierra Leone. He was housed for four months in a U.S. immigration detention center.


Sarah said...

Hi, my name is Sarah Lewis and I am currently working on a technology project documenting the process of seeking asylum. I was wondering if it was possible to get in contact with Abdulai Bah and ask him a few questions about his involvement with youth in detention centers. Thank you very much!

The 411 Show said...

I don't have his direct contact information but I believe in the videos it names the organization he was working with and you should be able to find them on the net. I know it is based in NYC.

Sarah said...

Thank you for your help.