Monday, April 02, 2007

San Antonio Election 2007 District 8 Candidates Forum Part 1

San Antonio City Council Election Forum held March 26, 2007 for District 8 City Council Seat. Candidates answered questions from the community concerning various issues such as how to protect the Edwards Aquifer (the only fresh water source for San Antonio), the $500 million bond proposal, and how to protect San Antonio trees (many land developers ignore the tree ordinance to protect trees and clear the land completely). This video is also running on Public Access Television in San Antonio Texas during April 2007. Part 1 of 6. For the other 5 parts, go to our other website

Candidates May 2007

For City Council District 8 San Antonio.

Diane Cibrian

Gloria Sanchez

Mario Obledo

Morris Stribling

Jacob Dell (not present during 1st half)

Bert Cecconi (not present)


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