Sunday, December 24, 2006

Art of Belly Dance: Performance by Karen Barbee Adkisson

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A premier performance by Karen Barbee Adkisson of Karavan Middle Eastern Dance. Karen is a master instructor of Belly Dance and teaches over 150 students. She performs to an improvisational piece, where she incorporates many of the themes/concepts she speaks about on the Art of Belly Dance. For more background, view the Art of Belly Dance series videos.
This performance is from the Give Belly Dance a Chance Show, which is given once or twice a year in San Antonio. Music Layali Zaman by Ashraf Zakaria

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Espanol: Karen Barbee, maestra de baile del vientre, baila en el espectaculo llamado Give Belly Dance a Chance, traducido Dele al Baile del Vientre Oportunidad.

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