Saturday, November 04, 2006

The FCC X Files-Tony Tafoya Newspaper Editor

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Tony Tafoya, who is the editor and prints the newspaper “Musica”, gives comments at the FCC hearing in Austin, TX in September 2006. Tony speaks about how issues of Tejanos and events in the local Hispanic community are not covered by the local media, including the Spanish television/radio stations. Tejanos are of Mexican descent from people who lived in Texas when Texas was still a part of Mexico.

He speaks how expensive it is to buy radio ad spots at $200.00 a spot, which is out of reach for small and minority owned businesses.

The FCC is currently looking at the rules on media ownership. These rules determine how many radio, TV and newspapers one company can own in one city. The Big Media companies want these rules relaxed so they can own more stations/newspapers in the same city. To file a complaint/comment on this issue with the FCC, go to

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