Monday, October 30, 2006

FCC X Files - Mariana Pineda Univision News

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Mariana Pineda from Univision News in Austin speaks at the FCC hearings in Austin Texas in Sept 2006. She talks about how Univision tries to give the Spanish speaking public quality news, and cites how the Spanish language station in Austin is often the last station to be granted interviews by politicians. The FCC is currently looking at the rules on media ownership. These rules determine how many radio, TV and newspapers one company can own in one city. The Media companies want these rules relaxed so they can own more stations/newspapers in the same city. To file a complaint/comment on this issue with the FCC, go to

Espanol-Mariana Pineda de Univision en Austin Texas habla sobre como cubren la noticia para el habla hispano. Dio testimonio al la Comision de Comunicacion Federales en septiembre 2006. 

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