Sunday, April 30, 2006

May 1st,2006,, Day of Action for Immigrant Rights

Tomorrow on Monday, May 1st, (May Day), will be the 2nd national day of action to bring attention to the plight of immigrants in this country and the attack on them by HR4437. See previous posts for details if you need more background info.

Tomorrow we ask that all youth across the USA Not Attend School, and for people who are able to, without risking their jobs, Not Go to Work. We are also not to go shopping. It is also a day of economic boycott to show people how immigrants, the work they contribute and taxes they pay, are important for the wheels of this country to keep turning. It will be a reality check for everyone.

If you are a student and there is a rally in your city, attend it. Wear your most outrageous clothes, costumes, swimsuits, school or dance uniforms, you name it. Show off your beauty and make yourself be heard (peacefully). Most of the rallies across the nation will be starting in the afternoon and will include marches in cities. Check your local paper for information or contact a local activist group that is involved in the coordination of events. Regardless of what side you are on on this issue, be there and watch this new civil rights movement in action. This is all history in the making. Be there to observe it for yourself. Also anyone who takes some good video can contact me, and we can post it on this, and other websites.

Hope to see you all on television and the Net showing yourselves off.

Patsy Robles, Executive Producer for 411 Productions
Empowering Youth with the Media Arts

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