Saturday, March 18, 2006

The 411 Show-Adopting Pets Part 1(9 min)

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The 411 Show - Featuring Nadia 15 years old and Eric 18 years old. This show filmed in late 2004, was by far our most popular show. We received lots of comments and because it aired several times, many people got to watch it. The cat, whose real name is “Lucky” (because she was lucky we picked her up from the parking lot of a grocery store, where she had taken up residence), has the nickname “Miss Kitty”. Well Miss Kitty was definitely the center of attention on that day of filming, and she took it all in stride.

The show dealt with a serious issue in San Antonio. Where over 50,000 dogs and cats are put to death each year, making San Antonio the number one city that kills unwanted pets. The local newspaper, the Express-News, had run a series on this called “Death by the Pound”, which showed graphic photos of carcasses of dogs thrown in the land fills, which stirred a lot of people into outrage, which was long overdue. Many youth consider themselves animal lovers, and facing the reality of what happens to pets that get picked up by the pound was a wake up call. We hoped to encourage more youth to consider adopting a pet from the pound. Changes have been made at the pound since this episode aired, including the resignation of some staff, however there are still disturbing problems that still linger to this day.

To view the article from the San Antonio Express News in November 2005 click on this link:

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