Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The War in Iraq-Part 1 (9 min)

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What are the viewpoints and feelings of youth on the War in Iraq? A discussion by teens as to why the U.S. went into Iraq and for what purpose. This was the very 1st show we taped for the 411 Show in the summer of 2004, shortly after the release of the Abu Graib pictures showing Iraqi prisoners being abused. You can see the amateur camera work as we were trying to learn how to run the cameras. However this show set the tone for the future shows that were taped showing thoughtful discussions on provocative issues by youth.

The show features Melissa Ann-15 years old as Host, Nadia 15 as co-host and Robyn 14 as a guest.

Produced by 411 Productions

Espanol: Este show tocante la Guerra in Iraq fue el primer show que grabamos para el 411 Show. Ensena a estas jovenes hablando francamente y con preocupacion sobre el tema de guerra. El show se grabo en el verano del 2004, poco despues que los fotos de prisioneros Iraqi’s en la prision Abu Graib fueron revelados al publico.



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